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Albergo Diffuso’ is a local accommodation project that has been integrated both into the local culture and into the local community. It is a holiday concept that was conceived in the region of Friuli during the 1980s and finishing touches were added to it during the 1990s as an original model of accommodation in Sardinia and in other regions of Italy.

This combination has proven itself particularly suitable for small villages and sites containing centres of historical and architectonic interest. In this way, old and unused buildings can be restored and have their value enhanced. The concept also helps solve the problem of providing accommodation for tourists while avoiding unnecessary construction of new buildings.  The ‘Albergo Diffuso’ method offers a range of traditional hotel services (e.g. reception and room cleaning), which are complemented by alternative services such as the organization of excursions or opportunities to take part in events, giving visitors the chance to get to know the area and the host community better.

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