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Situated over the Friuli region plateau, Clauzetto is known as the Balcone del Friuli (the Balcony above Friuli). The place name derives from the Latin word ‘Clasentum’, indicating a protective enclosure, most probably ascribable to the secure shelter for people and livestock that the territory affords.
This well-known location amongst woods and grazing lands is an extremely pleasant and peaceful one, even for a brief stopover. Over millions of years, the Cosa mountain stream has sculpted out of the rock face near Pradis di Sotto, a charming landscape of caves that is accessible to the public. From a historical perspective, it is interesting to walk along a route that goes from the hamlet of Pradis di Sotto to the hamlet of Pielungo. Here one can discover places that were theatres of hard-fought battles during the First World War.
Following the terrible earthquake of 1976, a dedicated project for the restoration of the traditional architectural heritage was undertaken. Objects of restoration were the ancient cobbled streets, (locally named ‘clapadories’) and other important constructions of the past, such as fountains, places where people would gather, or the roadside altars set up at crossroads, which invite wayfarers to stop and pray.

Currently, an itinerary of 13 kilometres of pathway can be covered, enabling wanderers to pass through various small villages of the area, whether on foot or on mountain bike.
Balcone sul Friuli via Gio Maria Fabricio, 17 33090 - Clauzetto (PN) c. +39 331 2483297
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